Frequently Asked Questions

What is a learnership?
A learnership is a vocational education and training programme that leads to an NQF registered qualification, directly related to an occupation. The Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA) managed learnerships, were initially introduced by the government to help skill learners and prepare them for the workplace.
What is the difference between internal and external learnership?
An internal learnership is conducted by internal stakeholders such as human resources or training and development departments.

An external learnership is conducted by external stakeholders who are contracted to provide training and all aspects regarding the training and quality management.

How to manage a WSP and ATR?
Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) is a strategic document stipulating the means from which an employer is going to address the training and development needs in the workplace.

Annual Training Report (ATR) is an accompanying document to the WSP to assist with the implementation of the training and development needs.

Managing a WSP and ATR ensures that an organisation remains compliant with SASSETA. Failure to submit the required information will cause an organisation to forfeit 40% of the allocation that would have been disbursed upon receipt of WSP for the forthcoming financial year.

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